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Imagin Systems was founded in 1997 by dental camera designers, engineers and manufacturing professionals. Imagin's President and Founder, a co-founder of the Intraoral camera industry, has been designing and manufacturing intraoral cameras for over 30 years, starting early on with the more popular AcuCam and Insight camera systems to the now most current USB and HD camera systems.
Imagin thrives on making the dental community feel safe, secure and well taken care of and providing dentist with highest quality imaging products including the latest of imaging technologies.  Imagin also offers a service center that provides honest and sound repairs including on-line support for any camera. 
Our employees are long time veterans in the Intraoral Camera & X-ray sensor industry, retaining Imagin’s immense knowledge and greater advantage over the others that try.  Our products are all our own, we build and design everything in-house from proprietary HD camera boards to our recently recognized as the most durable camera, the ImageMaster HD Billet Aluminum Series Intraoral Cameras. 
As others haven’t, we stand behind our products and support them throughout their lifetime.   We choose to be the best that we can be and to be a company that will not abandon our customers.  We stock all parts and we are always ready to respond to the needs of our dealers and or our direct customers.  Our Products reflect our dedication to our customers through Reliability, Durability, and Innovation.   

About Imagin Systems

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